Megalyno whose real name is Onuche George, is a songwriter/artiste, who’s under StarZone management. He was born on the 4th of Aprilt and bred in Olamaboro area of Kogi State. Brought up in Abuja.


  1. [Can We Meet You?]

#oh-Yes!… master minded people in case you don’t know, it’s your home boy Onuche George pularly called Megalyno. #oh-yes, I was born and bred Olamaboro Area of kogi state.

2.  [How did you come up with your stage nameMegalyno“?]

Firstly I started with Mega as a nick name, the Lyno part of the name is from my Language name Ojo-Arome-kejumalin, the O is from my Surname Onuche. My friends still call me Mega or Megalyn accepted but officially am MEGALYNO.


  1. [ How was your growing up like?]

I grew up in a very peaceful and God fearing home, though we were not rich but never beg for food.

  1. [Your educational background]

Hnm, sincerely it has been God all through. I schooled in ST. Antony Nursery and primary school Opko, but later dropped out in primary three due to some challenges in my school fees payment to L.G.A Primary School Alekwo opko. I started my secondary school in Babanawa Colledge Ikeje Igah, still experienced dropped out again in SSS3, to GSS Opko Kogi state to the same challenges.

Luckily through a Radio program [Brekete Family on l


ove fm. Abuja] I got a scholarship which paid half of my school fees to study Computer Engineering and networking in ESPAM-Formation University Cotonou, Benin Republic. As I am talking to you right now am in 400L.


  1. [How and when did you start your musical journey?]

Music has been part of me right from my early age as a church boy, but professionally, I started in 2016 that was when I came out with my first single “Never Pass Me By.


  1. [How do you see music? A job, A profession or A lifestyle?]

I can boldly tell you that music is all of the above. Job, Profession and Lifestyle. Music is me, I am music.


  1. [Tell us about your first ever show performance?]

Hnm, my first ever show performance was in Abuja on a friend birthday. I was fully encouraged, I gave my best but that wasn’t the best compare to now.



  1. [What inspired the song “NEVER PASS ME BY“?]

 My environment, the people around me, and the way I grew up, things I had tried to become but no opportunity. From my experience I composed the song.


  1. [ Recently, you were spotted with JUNIOR BOY in the studio, should we be expecting anything together soon?]

 #oh-yes  by His grace, Juniorboy is on my next track, alongside Magnito  the “If I get money eh“ crooner. Am trying to bring two of these great men together for the first time. Expect something lite.


  1. [Have you ever been in a competition? How was it like?]

The only competition I have is myself, I don’t have much time to waste in competing with people.


13.  [Apart from music, what else do you enjoy doing?]

I was a LionHeart FC. Player before I endorsed music, I love watching movies, love blogging and traveling.


  1. [Name 3 Nigerian artists you really wish to work with.]

2baba, Davido and Wizkid.

  1. [Your favorite and crush Nigeria female star?

My favorite is the Mavins queen. Tiwa savage, but crushing on Chidima.


16. [Who do you look up to in the music industry?]

Its God from day one till forever.

  1. [How do you feel been signed under Sta


I feels good though it’s just a group that is made up of artist, producer, DJ and publicist.


  1. [Tell us about Your Relationship.]

Hnm, I think I will love to keep my relationship personal, though am not into any yet.

  1. [What you do during you leisure time?]

I chill with friends or watching movies.


  1. [What next should we be expecting from Megalyno?]

It should be the collabo with juniorboy and Magnito official video along with the audio.


  1. [Message to your fans]

 Thank you all for your support in one way or the other to make Megalyno. God bless and reward you.

  1. [Message to Alabamusic.com]

Can’t take the supervised visit for granted. Am saying a bigThanks for the love and support. GOD BLESS U.


Thanks you so much for your time, we really appreciate the little time you took to answer our questions. 

From ALABAMUSIC.COM we wish you all the very best in your musical career. 

Hoping to work with your team soon.

Big shoutout to u all.



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