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Music: Adjimal _ What's Upfrançais BIOGRAPHY Adjimal Jzy, real name Adjimal M. OGUEBOULE is a young Beninese passionate about art and music in particular. In 2010, inspired by the works of the late Nigerian artist Dagrin, he decided to embark on Yoruba rap to assert his own identity. So called “Adjimal Omon Porto”, he creates in this same year in Porto-Novo (Capital of Benin), for a collaboration 100% Rap Hardcord, a group of four (04) members named “BEST LYRICAL” with the participation of his cousin Noufouz Nala, of Lil ‘Son, of Lil’Black. But the adventure will be short-lived since in 2013, he left the group to integrate the music label “OYINKA” directed at the time by another talented artist named “Ali of Porto”. It is this new collaboration that will be born his feat with Bizzy Baby on a piece in the colors “Azonto” named “OGUÊDÊ”. He came to Cotonou in 2014 and in search of a new sensation, he joined the “SSB”, another rap group formed by a few members that he will leave one (1) year later. In 2015 he opted for a solo career in which he combines the ingenuity of SAM SEED for a remarkable production that culminated in a first album “I CAN SHINE” that was well appreciated. In 2017, he made a health trip to the United States of America to acquire some quality care because of his eye disability. Thus he took advantage of his stay to realize in May 2017, one of his musical projects entitled “Spiritual Love” on a production signed JAME BOX STUDIO, a production company based in New York with which he could collaborate to bring this opus with the support, a nice video clip of quality. SPIRITUAL LOVE made its small success and continues to turn in the hearts of its fans …. After a few months of silence Adjimal Jzy returns to the front of the stage with a new song title “WHAT’S UP” which will soon be dropped on the airwaves and different download platforms. So be wired and consume without moderation

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  1. Osseni Adam says:

    Verry good this song
    BiG up for you dude

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